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How it Works

A Fast, Easy Way To Save Money On A/C Without Buying A New Air Conditioner Or Changing Your Thermostat.

Ecohome saves you 20-40% on your monthly A/C bills by dramatically improving the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, without sacrificing temperature or humidity control. We do this by installing our technology between your thermostat and air conditioner or heat pump. The Ecohome unit houses a cooling system controller with a microprocessor and sophisticated software algorithm that provides energy management for the cooling system.

When the AC starts, suction pressure is high, head pressure is low, the evaporator is warm, and the condenser is cold. These are ideal conditions for the compressor to efficiently pump large volumes of cooling refrigerant, this is when your A/C system is at its most efficient. As your A/C unit and compressor continue to run for longer periods of time these conditions change and your A/C unit starts to use a lot more energy to achieve the same results. Ecohome uses its predictive algorithm to monitor your system, maximizing compressor performance when it’s in its most efficient state.

The Ecohome encompasses a thermodynamic model of a compressor-based cooling or heating system and self-calibrates to the compressor operation of the system being controlled.  The Ecohome perpetually monitors and adapts to the changing heat loads/compressor demand to modulate and optimize the compressor operation, operating at higher capacity with reduced run-time during each cycle.

The final result of using this sophisticated control method significantly reduces compressor run time, while maintaining required temperatures. Since the compressor consumes 90% or more of the air conditioner’s total energy, reductions in the compressor’s run time generates big savings.

Not For Everyone

Ecohome is not a miracle fix for every situation and we don’t pretend to be. Some air conditioners have issues that require trained technicians, or some houses don’t have the right size or number of A/C units for the size of the home. Ecohome only works with built – in air conditioning units, not wall or window mounted units.

Give us a try and see! We give you 90 days to try it for yourself to see just how much you’ll save. If for any reason you’re not happy, just send the Ecohome back for a full refund.